Spinach Recalled in 39 States, Including Georgia, for Possible E Coli Contamination

Possible Enterohemorraghic E. Coli (EHEC) contamination of baby spinach caused a recall of spinach sold by Taylor Farms Retail, Inc.  This is a strain of E Coli that can cause severe infection with associated abdominal cramps and diarrhea.  The spinach is sold in 5 oz. and 16 oz.trays under the following names:

  • Central Market Organics
  • Full Circle Organics
  • Marketside Organics
  • Simple Truth Organics
  • Taylor Farms Organic

The spinach has a “best by” date of February 24, according to the article in the Huffington Post by Hunter Stuart.  This is a helpful reminder that just because produce is labelled “Organic” doesn’t mean we don’t have to thoroughly wash it before consuming it.

My family and I do buy organic whenever possible and we will continue to do so, with proper precautions, as with all produce.