Bicycle Safety

As the weather turns warm, many of us start thinking about getting on our bikes and going for a leisurely ride. There are few things more enjoyable than a bike ride on a nice day. But bike-riding does pose some risks.  The CDC has reported that … [Continue reading]

Safe Products Website

I recently learned about a great website that lets consumer do two very important things: (2) search for safety reports on products, and (2) report unsafe products.  You can read about this website at The Consumerist and the website itself is … [Continue reading]

Pool safety

Pools are fun, but they also pose some dangers we need to be aware of in order to avoid injury.  As winter ends and the warm weather approaches, most of us start thinking about fun summer activities like swimming with our friends and family. … [Continue reading]

Food Safety

Most of us worry about the food we consume, and we carefully read labels to learn what we are putting in our bodies. Occasionally, an outbreak of E Coli or Campylobacter or other pathogen is linked to food, and we turn our attention from nutrition … [Continue reading]