Evidence and Advocacy

Many trial advocacy books focus on things like juror psychology, theming, framing, sequencing, point of view, and other aspects of presenting your case to the jury.  The focus paid to all these things often demotes the most important part of the trial, which of course is the presentation of the evidence.   That is not to say that the way that evidence is presented is not important, but it remains true that juries do decide cases based on the evidence presented.   Sometimes when I tell my students and other lawyer that I believe the evidence presented is the most important part of a trial, they resist and tell me that the recent discoveries in jury psychology make the evidence presented less … [Continue reading]

Don’t Eat The Bruises

You could fill a large bookshelf with books on trial advocacy.  Yet the number of civil trials seems to be on the decline, and has been for probably a decade or more.  Could it be that there's an inverse relationship between the number of trial … [Continue reading]

Book suggestion for trial lawyers

I have and likely always will be fond of those who don't follow the crowd, those who seek excellence above popularity.  And I especially enjoy reading books about those who earn real accomplishments in their own unique way.  That's why I like reading … [Continue reading]