Websites for Trial Advocacy

             One of the wonderful aspects of my chosen career as a lawyer is that I get to actually try cases to juries.   Learning to try cases is an evolutionary process, and things I did ten years ago I wouldn’t dream of doing today. As in every field of human endeavor, experience is a great teacher.  

            Fortunately, there are plenty of teachers out there who generously share their ideas and advice about trial advocacy. I thought that it might be of some interest to readers to share my thoughts on some of the websites and blogs that I review regularly as I try to improve my abilities as a trial lawyer.   Here’s a short list of some sites I review for trial advocacy tips:

            1.         The Jury Expert – the bimonthly publication of the American Society of Trial                                         Consultants. You will learn something from every issue. Great writers and content.

            2. – Paul Luvera’s blog, where he generously shares                                    advice about trying cases, especially medical negligence cases, which he has won                                with amazing frequency.

            3. – this is a great site for books on trial advocacy. Includes books                                 by David Ball, Rick Friedman, Paul Luvera and many others.

            4. – great blog by John Day, an accomplished trial lawyer in Nashville.

            5. – good tips on trial advocacy from Elliott Wilcox.

            In previous posts, I’ve mentioned several other blogs, websites and books on trial advocacy that I like. These five sites are also sources of good information and advice. Please comment and add your thoughts on other websites of interest to trial lawyers.