The Sudden Acceleration Problem, and How to Protect Yourself From It

What is Causing the "Sudden Acceleration" problem?

     The initial reports about the Toyota sudden acceleration problem focused on gas pedals and floor mats.  Now, in response to concerns that these "fixes" do not fix the problem, Congress is continuing to investigate.  According to an article by Joseph B. White and Kate Linebaugh in the Wall Street Journal, Toyota officials are continuing to investigate the cause of the problem.  So the short answer is that no one really seems to know the precise cause of the problem.  Even Toyota officials say they are continuing to investigate the problem.

What To Do If Your Vehicle Suddenly Accelerates

    So while the cause of this problem is being investigated, what should you do if you find yourself in a situation where your vehicle suddenly accelerates?  Generally, the advice is to put the car in neutral, put on the brakes, and turn off the engine.  A more detailed explanation can be found at the Consumer Reports blog on how to protect yourself in this situation.  A video of how to react can be found on YouTube as well.   Please take a moment to review these and practice reacting to a sudden acceleration in your vehicle.