Spring Safety

   Spring is in the air and summer’s almost here, and with warm weather comes lawn maintenance.  We read a lot about sun, swimming and bicycle safety, but lawn safety seems all too often to be overlooked.   Cutting the grass is more of a chore than summertime fun, and sometimes, in an effort to get the yard work done quickly, we forego safety.    

          According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, each year approximately 68,000 people are treated in emergency rooms with injuries caused by power mowers (this doesn’t even include injuries from other lawn equipment), with more than 9,000 of those being younger than 18 years old.  Injuries include deep cuts, loss of fingers and toes, broken and dislocated bones, burns, eye and other injuries, some very serious.  In my practice, I have seen firsthand how badly a person can be injured by a lawnmower.  It wasn’t my client’s fault that he was injured, but it confirms the need for people to be vigilant about safety when it comes to handling power equipment, even if you’re an expert. 

                I have found a website that gives an exhaustive list of safety tips for lawn maintenance.  I encourage anyone reading this article to visit the website http://juniorbiz.com/lawn-mowing-safety-tips

                Above all, remember this:

Make sure someone knows when you are working with power tools in the yard.  If you are injured you want someone to be able to call for help.

No Child younger than 16 should use a ride-on mower. 

No Child younger than 12 should use a push mower.

Make sure you know where children are at all times.  They should be a safe distance from the area you are mowing and safely away from any flying debris, such as rocks.

Wear safety goggles and sturdy shoes, not sandals. 


                Be smart about keeping your yard looking nice this summer.  Think of all that can go wrong and take steps to prevent it from happening.