Insurance You Should Consider in Your Georgia Auto Policy

Many individuals and familes affected by a serious injury in an automobile or tractor-trailer wreck in Georgia do not have insurance coverages to help them through the tough financial times following their injury.   There are coverages that many folks don’t know about that can help with this problem.

Medical Payments Coverage One of these coverages is called "Medical Payments" coverage. This is very valuable coverage to seriously injured people because it pays medical bills if you are injured in an automobile wreck.  Unlike your health insurance, Med Pay coverage often includes no deductible or co-pay, so it will pay more of your bills after a wreck than your health insurance would pay.  So it can save injured people in Georgia a good bit of money after a wreck, helping them get through the tough times after a wreck when the injured person may not be able to work.

Uninsured Motorist Coverage.  Another valuable coverage is called Uninsured Motorist Coverage.  This provides insurance coverage for you if another driver causes a wreck in which you are injured.  Unfortuantely, too many folks do not have adequate liability insurance to provide coverage for those they may injure in a wreck, so we should all consider purchasing uninsured motorist coverage to protect ourselves against those who do not carry enough liabilty insurance.