Dangerous Toys

Thanksgiving and Christmas are my favorite times of the year.  Even grouchy defense lawyers and stingy insurance adjusters have a hard time dampening my spirits this time of year (though they can get close sometimes).

One thing that does concern me, though, is dangerous toys.  We’re inundated with marketing to children of all sorts of toys, and some of them are dangerous and can cause serious harm.  My hope is that we all have a safe and happy holiday with our families and friends.  So I wanted to share with you a link to a list of the Top Ten Dangerous Toys that was compiled by WATCH – World Against Toys Causing Harm, Inc. – called “10 Worst Toys” and found at their website.

Huffington Post also has a recent article on Dangerous Toys at their website that is worth checking out.  The reason for dangerous toys being listed runs the spectrum – some are choking hazards and others are dangerous projectiles marketed to very young children.  I was surprised by some of the dangers posed by toys that I would never suspect were potentially dangerous.

Please take a moment to review these websites before you make your purchasing decisions this season.