Books For Trial Lawyers – Part I

Many of the most talented trial lawyers I know have a passion for books, including books in areas outside the traditional area of trial advocacy.   I’ve met trial lawyers who loved southern fiction, and one who enjoyed Russian novels, and others who read biographies and history.  In an upcoming blog post, I hope to initiate a dialogue on great books that others have enjoyed and can recommend.

But today’s post is more practical.  Many good trial advocacy books have come out in the last few years. 

The following are some of my favorites:

  • The book: David Ball’s Reptile
    • Why I recommend it:  It’s based on current research and offers a comprehensive method of approaching cases and combatting tort reform.
  • The book: Judge Ralph Adam Fine’s How to Win Trial Manual
    • Why I recommend it:  Practical advice on trial tactics.  Takes issue with some of the conventional trial advocacy advice.  Good examples.
  • The book:  Friedman and Malone’s Rules of the Road
    • Why I recommend it:  It’s focus on establishing clear rules that defendants must agree with, and using those rules in discovery and trial.
  • The book:  Jim Perdue’s Winning With Stories. 
    • Why I recommend it:  Helps lawyers use stories to tap into universal experience and bring their cases to life. Good examples from trials.

There are a lot of good trial advocacy books out there, and I’d like to hear recommendations from any readers.